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AASRA was founded on the basis of ensuring sustainable co-existence between humans and animals of all kinds in India. In contemporary times it’s difficult and nearly impossible; but we are aware of our limits, and we are still determined to follow our vision in spite of the crises we face.

Why should you Support Us ?

Association for Animal Shelter and Rescue Aid, or AASRA, is a non-governmental volunteering organization that tends to street animals before training them to be nourished well-behaved companions. At most we are a dog-centric organization, but we do tend to other animals, and it’s not just cats. Our services are available to all users at no cost.

  • Contributing to a Cause
  • Gain Experience as a Team
  • Brings abounds of peace

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Pet Sitting & Boarding

Got somewhere to go? Need a trusted agent to care for your pet until your return? We offer temporary homes animals until their owners return. You can also schedule a pet-sitter into your house, whichever suits you and your companion’s preference.

Pet Ambulance Services

In case of emergency, we offer instant transportation for your companion to the nearest veterinarian upon dial.

Pet Rescue

Do not hesitate to give us a call if you come across an animal that’s been: abandoned, abused, handicapped or in any way injured and in need of support.

Meet the Team

Gowri Vandana

Gowri Vandana is a writer by profession, working on several Social Awareness short films and Songs. Initiated AASRA by the inspiration of Animal welfare short film named " Kabela".

Chitharanjan K

He is an IT professional who works in a Vaccine Manufacturing Company. A dog and cat lover at heart, he works with Vandana to help millions of stray dogs and cats across India.

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