About Us

Association for Animal Shelter and Rescue Aid, or AASRA, is a non-governmental volunteering organization that tends to street animals before training them to be nourished well-behaved companions. At most we are a dog-centric organization, but we do tend to other animals, and it’s not just cats. Our services are available to all users at no cost.

Our Mission

AASRA’s priorities lie in preventing the exploitation of animals through various means. We aim to rescue animals who have been wounded, abandoned and abused; rehabilitate them in safe and secure environments; and educate the public on animal welfare.

Our Ethos

AASRA was founded on the basis of ensuring sustainable co-existence between humans and animals of all kinds in India. In contemporary times it’s difficult and nearly impossible; but we are aware of our limits, and we are still determined to follow our vision in spite of the crises we face.